October – December 2020

We are thankful to the MSDE, NSDC, our Master Trainers, our Training and Assessment Partners to trust us and support so far. We conducted various successful training since September even in the face of adversity. We have developed 3 online modules and are in the process of doing more. We are also conducting physical training by adopting all the safety guidelines to continue to reach the digitally disadvantaged and conform to all important requirements of hands-on training.


  1. Training – Assam, Bihar, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, UP
  2. Sankalp training and certification – UP
  3. National Safai Karmachari Finance Development Corporation – Maharashtra, UP
  4. Interview of Mr, Biji Kurien, ex-MD Berger Paints, ex-President IPA, our founding member
  5. We plan to reach 734 District Skill Committees