Frequently Asked

How many skills can a painter participate in, in the India Skills competition?
A painter can participate in one skill viz., Painting and Decoration which comprises painting, wall papering, etc.
How can I participate in the India Skills Competition?
To participate in the India Skills Competition you need to meet the strict age criterion. If you are within the prescribed age, you can participate.
I am an experienced Production Supervisor. How will PCSC help me find a job?
Our advice is to register in the ASEEM portal and employers will know of our availability.
My Company needs a Quality Chemist. Will PCSC provide us one?
We advise you to search and post your requirement in the ASEEM portal. This portal helps in locating skill-certified individuals.
Can an assessor of another Sector Skill Council become an assessor for PCSC?
Assessors are specific to a Job Role and the eligibility criteria laid down for them. Irrespective of being an assessor for other SSCs, you can become an assessor for PCSC Job Roles if you meet the specific eligibility criteria.
How to become an assessor for PCSC?
You can be an assessor provided you meet the eligibility criteria and undergo the Training of Assessor program for PCSC Job Roles. PCSC assigns assessments to Assessment Partners who will conduct assessments through assessors.
How to become an assessment agency of PCSC?
Please write to giving your credentials in terms of assessment infrastructure, years of experience, staff strength, and assessments done so far.
What is the employment potential for a trainer?
With the Government’s vision of India becoming the skill capital of the world and the current gap in the availability of trainers, there is employment potential for skilled trainers. You need to, of course, make a mark as a competent skill trainer and be certified.
Can I become a trainer for PCSC?
You can become a Trainer for PCSC Job Roles provided you meet the eligibility criteria. PCSC enables training through training partners. So, you should be connected to a Training Partner or offer your services as a freelance Trainer.
Is the Skill certificate valid for a specific period or for a lifetime?
Skill Certificates are issued for a specific Job Role and are valid for a lifetime.
What is the process to become a Training Partner of PCSC?
Please download the Training Partner Application Form and send it to us and we will get in touch with you.
Will PCSC train my employees in my factory?
Yes, PCSC can arrange training delivery at the employer’s premises if you have the basic infrastructure in terms of space and equipment. Ideally, we require a minimum of 15 candidates to be trained. Costs will depend on the duration of the course, which can be customized.
Can I purchase a PCSC training book?
Yes, you can. Do let us know the Job Role of your interest and the language in which you require the book and we will get back to you on the availability and costs. Write to us at
How do I find out if PCSC has a training center in my town?
PCSC enables training delivery through Training Partners who have training centers in several parts of the country. If you indicate the Job Role in which you wish to avail training and the preferred location (with pin code) we will get back to you. Write to us at
How to become a member of PCSC?
You can engage with PCSC by becoming a Training Partner, Assessment Partner or register as an Industry Partner, Subject Matter Expert (SME) or Master Trainer/Assessor. For further information write to us at stating your business and how you wish to participate.