Indian Paint


Indian paint industry’s beginning can be traced back to the first factory set up in Howrah, Kolkatta in 1902 by Shalimar Paint Colour and Varnish Company. The company started by two British entrepreneurs paved the way for many more British companies to follow – Goodlass Walls (now Kansai Nerolac), ICI, British Paints (now Berger), Jenson & Nichcolson and Blundell & Eomite (now Garware Paints). 1942 saw the birth of an indigenous paint company, in Mumbai, which grew rapidly to become the market leader in the 60s and maintained that position ever since – Asian Paints.

Characteristics of Indian Paint Industry​

There are four large Paint Companies with a combined market share of 70% – Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Berger, and Akzo Nobel. Rest 30% is made up of medium and small players totaling nearly 3000 manufacturers. The market shares of the medium and small paint companies actually reduced with the acceptance of the popular Colour Dispensing Systems by paint dealers. The Indian Paint industry is estimated to be Rs 60,000 Crores (2020 estimate) in value terms.

The two broad segments are the Decorative/Architectural segment and the Industrial segment. The Decorative / Architectural segment is the largest segment accounting for almost 70% of the paint consumption and the industrial segment accounting for the balance 30%. Maintenance painting or re-painting accounts for 70% of the Decorative / Architectural segment with 30% accounted for by new construction painting.

Birth of PCSC



While paint manufacturing is not labor-intensive, paint application is. It is    estimated that applicators of paints (painters) in India will be in the region of 25-30 lakhs. The largest segment – the household painter (decorative painter) will constitute almost 75% of all painters. Most painters are self-taught or have acquired their skills from a mentor. Therefore, they have no formal certification.

Keeping this lacuna in mind and with the need to improve productivity and professionalism among painters, Paints and Coatings Skill Council was formed in 2015 to upgrade skills, certify and make this an aspirational job.

Mr Biji Kurien is a revered veteran in the Paint industry with five decades Industry experience. The last two years he has been mentoring tech start-ups in Chennai. Currently he is on the Advisory board of a tech start-up in Australia. In addition to his professional achievements in various companies, he has contributed to wider causes. He was also the President of Indian Paint Association and Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.