Training of Trainers
& Assessors (TOT/TOA)


ToT/ ToA

3 to 5

Experience Required (in years)


Training Duration (in days)


Total Candidates Certified

Training of Trainers (ToT) and Training of Assessors (ToA) are training programmes for trainers and assessors respectively. Trainers who are certified under this programme can conduct Short Term Training (STT) Programmes in the domain for which they are certified and Assessors can conduct assessments of trainees for the Job Role they are certified in.



  • Eligibility to undergo a Training of Trainer / Assessor programme is at least 3 to 5 years’ experience in the chosen domain (list of domain Job Roles see Job Roles). Additionally, computer literacy, good communication skills in the local language and understanding of English is essential.
  • Each Training of Trainer / Assessor programme will be of 10 days duration – three days for Domain Skills and 7 days for Platform Skills (Online courses are 7 days – 2 days domain and 5 days platform skills).  Candidates will be certified as Trainers in the Domain if they clear both the assessments at the end of Domain and Platform Skill Modules. 
  • The fees for the programme is currently ₹11,000 per candidate  (currently fees for online courses are ₹6000 per candidate) to be paid to PCSC, and is subject to change. (Details of payment methodology will be provided at the time of ToT announcement). 

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Training of Trainer

Venue: Online  

Job role: Assistant Decorative Painter/ Decorative Painter

Date: 6th – 14th July 2022