Congratulations to the winners of IndiaSkills 2021

IndiaSkills 2021 concluded in January 2022 under the leadership of our Vice President – Standards, Quality and Curriculum, Mr. Hakim Mamka. The Gold medalist Krishnapada Maity is from West Bengal, followed by two runners-up Silver and Bronze medallists; Vishnupriya M from Kerala and Ashlesha Ingawale from Maharashtra respectively; and two medallions of excellence Duraipandiyan P from Tamil Nadu and Khushi Budhiraja from Chandigarh.

The IndiaSkill Competitions were held during the last quarter of 2021, culminating in the finals in January. IndiaSkills, the country’s biggest skill competition, is designed to demonstrate the highest standards of skilling and offers a platform to young people to showcase their talent at national and international levels.

IndiaSkills Competition is held every two years with state governments and industry support.

Winners of this competition will now get ready to participate in the WorldSkills International Competitions which will be held in Shanghai later this year. WorldSkills International is the most significant skill competition globally, organized once every two years in one of the member countries. More than 1300 contestants below the age of 23, compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals, in over 50 skills. The competition is held over a span of four days.